var. Iti n. and a.

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  • -ity — suffix forming abstract nouns from adjectives, meaning condition or quality of being , from M.E. ite, from O.Fr. ité and directly from L. itatem (nom. itas), suffix denoting state or condition, composed of connective i + tas (see TY (Cf. ty) (2)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • -ity — ► SUFFIX ▪ forming nouns denoting quality or condition: humility. ORIGIN Latin itas …   English terms dictionary

  • -ity — [ə tē, itē] [ME ite < OFr or L: OFr ité < L itas < I , ending of stem, or thematic vowel + tas, TY1] suffix state, character, or condition of being , or an instance of any of these [chastity, possibility] …   English World dictionary

  • ity — con·vert·ibil·ity; ego·ity; het·er·o·ge·ne·ity; ip·se·ity; iso·ge·ne·ity; noc·tur·nal·ity; per·pe·tu·ity; per·spi·cu·ity; spir·ity; syn·chro·ne·ity; min·i·mal·ity; mu·ta·ge·nic·ity; os·mo·lal·ity; homo·ge·ne·ity; …   English syllables

  • -ity — suffix forming nouns denoting: 1 quality or condition (authority; humility; purity). 2 an instance or degree of this (a monstrosity; humidity). Etymology: from or after F iteacute f. L itas itatis * * * əd.ē, ətē, i; when s, less often when r,… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • -ity — noun suffix (plural ities) Etymology: Middle French ité, from Latin itat , itas, from i (stem vowel of adjs.) + tat , tas ity; akin to Greek tēt , tēs ity quality ; state ; degree < alkalinity > < theatricality > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • -ity — [[t] ɪti[/t]] ities SUFFIX ity is added to adjectives, sometimes in place of ious , to form nouns referring to the state, quality, or behaviour described by the adjective. I, for one, admire his audacity... He enjoyed the tranquillity of village… …   English dictionary

  • -ity — a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state or condition: jollity; civility; Latinity. [var. of itie, ME ite < OF < L itat (s. of itas); in many words repr. L itas directly] * * * …   Universalium

  • ITY — Imperial Tobacco Group, P. L. C. (Business » NYSE Symbols) …   Abbreviations dictionary

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